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Caspian Horses

The Caspian Horse of Iran is thought to be the original Horse Type 4, ancestral to Arabs, Thoroughbreds and the hot-blooded breeds of horse we know today.

The Caspian Horse is an elegant and distinctive breed, recorded in early history but believed to have been extinct until the 1960s, when it was rediscovered in its native Iran, by an American Louise Firouz, on the coast of the Caspian Sea, from where it takes its modern name.

Now bred around the world, it is still unique and rare. In 500 BC, King Darius honoured it on his personal seal, in a lion hunting scene, and as his chosen chariot horse for its speed and courage.

The famous frieze on the Palace of Persepolis shows Caspians amongst the many animals being ceremoniously presented to the King. It was prized for its beauty, agility, courage, character and toughness and you will find all of these in the modern Caspian.

Why a Caspian?

The key point to note is that a Caspian should be compared to a blood horse, rather than a pony - although the size is equivalent - and gives a child the sort of ride an adult would usually prefer.

  • The Caspian thrives on work and challenge - it has a can-do attitude!
  • The Caspian is the ideal show horse, always attracting attention.
  • Larger part breds compete well at all levels of competition.
  • It thrives on poorer pastures without expensive feed and supplements.
  • It grows a good winter coat and,with some shelter from strong winds, copes with all but the most severe winters outside.
  • Its excellent temperament make it an ideal mount for the young.
  • It is capable of carrying small to medium size and weight adults and is ideal for the serious young rider who recognizes it as a blood horse.
  • In jumping you will be amazed by the Caspian's ability and strength.
  • Dressage riders will delight in its natural elegance.
  • Driving enthusiasts can relive the breed's ancient ceremonial role as a chariot horse- without the lions!

Caspians the world over compete in showing, jumping, hunter pony, gymkhana, dressage, pony racing and all types of driving. Not one reason but many for trying a Caspian or part bred.

Caspians as Performance Sires

Caspian Stallions stamp their stock with their quality and ability and are renowned the world over as sires of superb performance ponies in sports from dressage and jumping to racing and driving.


All stallions cover mares in hand, Zack and Zeven will also run out with theirs.

Foaling livery available in new large stable block:

Mare and foal keep by arrangement at grass or part stabled available.

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