Carriage Driving - Come and do something new, you will surprise yourself


We are trying to demolish the myth that carriage driving is an elitist, expensive sport that only a privileged few can enjoy!

We believe that everyone who wants to learn to drive should be able to have a go at a price that is no greater than the cost of the average riding lesson. So come and give it a go! Driving is fun for all the family and everyone regardless of age or disability can have a go.

Driving also provides the ideal option for the outgrown child's pony or for those adults with a desire to own a horse but insufficient land/budget to keep a riding horse.

Breaking to Drive

We can break your pony to drive and help you buy the vehicle and harness appropriate for your level of ambition, whether it be a quiet drive to the pub on a Sunday or competitive driving. We also run a horse selection service where we will source a pony/harness/carriage to suit your needs and experience.

We Do:

• Driving Lessons
• Breaking to Drive
• Displays of driving and breaking (suitable for pony clubs, fetes, Riding Clubs etc)

Please see our attached price list Driving Lesson Rates but remember pick up the phone and discuss your needs with us and we will try and find the best option for your needs and your budget

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